Warm Up-

Roll 10 min

Up Dog Down Dog- 3 min

Lower Body Joint Prep-3 min

Skinny PVC- 3 min

Walking Samson Stretches-2min


10 Air Squats

15 Jumping Jacks

4 Pushups




6 min Stations


#1  -3 min Cal Row

3 min AMRAP-  1 Wall Walk/ 10 Lying Hip Extensions

#2- 60 sec Battle Rope

60 Sec Mountain Climbers

60 Sec Step Back Lunges      X 2

#3 10 KB Swings EMOM

-run in place, high knees for the balance of minute

#4   6 min AMRAP

15 Strict Knee Raises

5 Pike to plank Walkouts

5 Scapula Pushups


Quite the killer this am…would you expect anything less from a Super Saturday WOD….!!!!

28 Day Challenge Seminar to Follow the Intro Class today!!  I hope to see a lot of your there….have a killer weekend everyone!!!


Warm up


Wrist Prep-3 min

Neck Rotations-3min

Bird Dogs-3min

(make sure to find you extension and Flexion )

Skinny PVC-3min


20 Seal Jacks

10 Toe Touches (mimic KB Swing/ Deadlift  no flexion in spine)

5 times


12 Min Amrap
36ft- FHC
5- Burpees
36 ft- FHC


She was a Doozy!!  There was nice consistent movement from all the classes.  I am happy with the attention paid to the scaled option on the pull ups (rows)  we will get there.  I am looking forward to Saturday!!!!

2/26/2015 WOD



Warm up


Wrist PRep-2min

Neck Prep-2min

Shoulder Prep-4min- Wall Sliders/Bi Lateral External Rotations

Up Dog/ Down Dog-3 min

Workshop- Thrusters  8-10 min

-squats/ front rack prep




For Time








Cool Down-

Along with regular rolling, and mobilizing, please take care of your lower back, and your shoulders/ chest…12-15 min


Synopsis:  Simple little Pressing WOD….fast,,,terrible…well balanced and fun.   Don’t underestimate the turn from 9 PU into the 15 Thrusters…..good luck



WOD/ 2/24/2015


Warm Up-

Roll- 10 Min

Skinny PVC-4min

Up Dog/ Down Dog- 3min

Basic Press Workshop- 8 min

Jumping in Place Workshop-3 min


Active Warm up

10 Single leg Deadlift Toe Touches

5  Hollow Holds

3 times through



For Time


Push Presses

180 Degree Jump Squats

Strict Knee Raises


Awesome little WOD….

Reminder pick up your packet if you have not already, please give consideration to getting hooked up with EFT, and pick up our March Calendar of Events.  Awesome stuff happening at CFW next month.


WOD 2/23/2015

Tony Day Crawling and Showing off a nice Horseshoe!!!



Warm Up:

Rollout -10 min

Wrist prep-3 min

Shoulder Prep-3min

Bird Dogs- 3 min   – spend time finding extension and flexion before getting to the movement

Walking Samson Stretches-3 min

Active Warm Up

mimic the movements for the WOD- Practice

6 min Amrap
6 min Amrap
4 Dynamic Lunges
10 Hand release pushups
Double unders or Single unders

WOD 2/22/2015




Warm Up-

10 Min  Roll out

2 Min Bird Dogs

3 Min Up Dog, Down Dog, Child’s Pose

2×8 Wall Sliders

2×8 Bi Lateral External Rotations

2 min   Hip Flexors

3 pushups/ 30 Seal Jacks-  6x

( perfect form on the pushups)

8 min class on Med Ball Cleans – Skill



For Time
21-18-15-9 Med Ball Cleans
3 Wall Walks in between each set
-then 25 toes to bar
* no wall walks after 9 go straight to bar

*choose appropriate level of substitutions for Wall Walks…. midline stabilization throughout the entire movement is First Performance point..if unable to maintain through full ROM, shorten or lessen ROM…( may choose to hold handstand position for 4-5 seconds, highest possible to step up with feet)


Short Chiropractic Talk after the WOD  @1045….  Great Informative Session.  Please Hang  Out… in between end of 9 am class and the start of talk @1045  Coach JP and I will be available to help with extra Skill WOrk if any athlete would like to pick our brains.


Kill the Day….  Have an awesome Sunday..



WOD 2/21/2015


Cannot Wait to do a Destination WOD here @Dodge Elementary!!!!!   Come Get us Warm Weather!!!


Warm UP

10MIn- Roll out /  3min Skinny PVC/ 3min Updog Down Dog/  Mobilize Hip Flexors 2 min

Active Warm up

40 Seal Jacks

10 Air Squats

*  don’t attack the active warm up like a WOD.  Move Well and Smooth.  on the Air Squats focus on proper range of motion.  keep your wait back on the back half of your feet, but be sure to keep your full foot in contact with the ground. You can rest at the bottom of the squat each time, to work on flexibility and ROM


20 Wall Balls
20 Pushups


20 Burpees

20 Mountain Climbers

6min of Play on 2×4

Craw/ Balance/ Tripod Extensions/ Reverses

*post WOD, Strict Pull up play!!!

Wicked Saturday, I hope everyone enjoyed it, and I look forward to chasing this week.

Reminder.  Tomorrow  (SUnday)  at 1045   Fast Chiropractic talk.  I hope you all can make it!!!!  

WOD 2/20/2015



Friday 2/20/15
Warm up
10 Min Rollout
6 min Double under Practice (Practice the appropriate progressions…do not move on from single/double until you can do 20 or so in a row with consistent and correct body position…meaning no pikes, knee tucks, etc,)
2 min- Walking Samson
2 min- Skinny PVC
Swing Workshop- 8 min

Wrist and Forearm prep-2-3 min

KB Swings
Ring Rows
Key notes: proper swing technique is paramount… if back is inconsistent, pull yourself back in weight or  deadlift the kettlebell…if you cannot maintain a neutral spine while swinging but you can while deadlifting the bell…likely you are swinging with to heavy a weight… for references on proper swing technique, google Pavel’s Kettlebell Swing….that will give you plenty to see

ring rows..proper body alignment, and pull only up as far as necessary…no movement throughout the hips and though this wod is done for time these Rows are slow and purposeful….have a great night everyone.


This is it.  Right here.  The life you have…the one you have currently been living….it is here….and believe it or not it is right now.  There are things we have done, and there are things we will do….but in truth all you have that is promised to you is right now.  Don’t you owe it to yourself? Don’t you owe it to your family?  Don’t you want to finish this life off and be able to say ” Yes… I did my best”  “I gave all I could give”  I know I want that.  I want to look myself in the mirror at the end of every day and know that I lived it to the fullest.  I want to know that on that day I stepped up,  I came, I saw, and by god I conquered.   I didn’t ask for permission.  I took and did what I wanted and asked for forgiveness later.  That’s how I want to feel at the end of everyday.  I think as powerful and graceful human beings that is how we are meant to feel at the end of everyday.  I have to be honest with you.  I’m sure that a lot of us out there do not feel that.

So if you don’t feel that way, and you want to what do you do?

You workout.  You train smart, you learn from the best you can find, and by god…once you have the mechanics down you train HARD.

If you have never had the pleasure of feeling what it is like to leave your sweat, heart, and at times even your blood on the mat after a grueling, heart pumping, mind electrifying WOD….then no wonder you don’t want to work out.  If I had to go to a 30000 square foot facility where no one knew who I was, and sit down to do resistance training, or do some sort of bastardized cross country skiing that ultimately gets me nowhere (elliptical)  if I had to suffer through 40 minutes on that thing, and then 40 more minutes traipsing around the gym looking for the right machine…I too would be numb to the idea……  I too would rather stay at home that suffer through that mind numbing monotony. ……

….what you need is something that lights a fire under your @$$.   You need to be worried about what is about to happen when you step through the doors.  It needs to cause you anxiety if you think about it.  You have to wake up in the morning and be ready to face it like a dragon that is trying to steal your Princess from you  (or prince).   You need to walk into your Box as if you are going to be forced to eliminate the head of the taliban, save Christmas, punch the devil in the face and run for the President of the United States all at once….and that’s just the Warm Up.   In truth……all Joking aside.   When you walk into your Box, or even your “gym”.   It should matter.  Damnit all. It should be a Big deal….scratch that it should be a HUGE DEAL.   Every WOD, every REP, every rest….is earned…and it is an investment.   It is an investment in you…..  You.     Every time you pick that bar up you are making sure that you are better.  Every time you pull your chin above that bar you are showing the WORLD what you are worth, and you are proving it to yourself.  Each rep builds confidence, each Meter rowed builds ammo for you.  The more you come the more you love it….the more you love it the more you start to live it…..  People notice….People comment…..people see the difference……people FEEL the difference….. YOU FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.   It’s not about the Scale…..   It’s not about the  Time……   It’s not even about the Weight…..and it certainly isn’t about What Place you finish……    What it’s about is YOU!!!  It’s about committing to make YOU  better than the you from yesterday.  It’s about chasing perfection and finding that excellence is a pretty damn sweet place to be.     Sleep well tonight everyone….get up tomorrow morning and crush it!!!!