If you have not known failure

If you have not known failure then success means very little to you. Let’s get it out of the way right in the beginning. Failure is not, in of itself, a bad thing. Failing to learn from it is. For instance, last night I failed miserably at one of my muscle up attempts, as a result my shoulder is not as functional as it should be this morning. Because of that incident I can promise you that every subsequent attempt at a muscle up will be done with particular attention being paid to the fault that led me to hurting my shoulder in the first place (i did not keep my elbow tucked in tight enough) Painful lesson, indeed, but nonetheless I will learn from it, and in return will be stronger over the long run. It has taken me quite a long time to accept failure when I find it, and dissect it, learn from it, develop plans to prevent it from happening, but nowadays I tend to welcome it with open arms. I like to find things I am terrible at and get better at them, it is almost like a bet between me and my own body. (fun stuff right ) Sometimes I win the bet, often times I lose, but most importantly I always learn from it. There is the real success.