Losing Weight….having the uncomfortable conversations…

A touchy subject…..ranks right up there with politics, religion, and your momma…as far as things not to talk about, but I believe it is one of the most important discussions that we could have with our friends, families and even coworkers.

But according to the statistics on that page, the leading causes, by a long shot, of death in our country are lifestyle related…..in fact last year there were ten times as many deaths by Heart Disease than by Terrorist Attacks….yet our focus in the media would have you believe Osama was a far greater threat to the U.S. than Ronald Mcdonald…or for that matter than our own lack of self control. It’s not even just the media’s fault..while we fill ourselves up with triple vented frappalatte’s our topics of conversation are all to often completely unoriginal regurgitated samplings of what we watched on fox news or CNN, depending on which side of the fence we lean…we complain about our country as if it is an unloved uncle who comes to the family reunions, hungover if not still drunk, and sits in the corner mumbling to himself during dinner. We, for the most part, have little to no respect whatsoever for our government, if we did we wouldn’t accept the fact that they “lie” to us on a daily basis. You can not respect something that you believe is built on false pretenses. At any rate, the question everyone should be asking…..why are you continuing to eat like that when you know that it is killing you?

Is that harsh? Perhaps. Perhaps we might look in the mirror and ask ourselves the same question. I’m sure addicts of other drugs do it all the time. (I would like to think so at least) But somehow the high they get is so much better than anything else.

I know what you are thinking…”I am not an addict”

Yes you are. You are addicted to sugar.

Ok. Now those of you who still hung on, after all of that, how do I convince you through this post that you are indeed addicted to sugar, perhaps we can rename your addiction carbohydrates but in some ways that is a little 6 of one half a dozen of another…..I digress….if you do not think you are addicted to sugar, I issue a small challenge…go without it for 24 hours and see how you feel.
that means no:
Ice Cream
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Chewy Multi Vitamins
Most Drinks at Starbucks
…..just off the top of my head….oh…and of course no SUGAR

Give that a shot for a day or two and see if you don’t feel like mainlining 6 frosties from Wendy’s.

So there is what you have to give up…..although I’m thinking the term have to give up is crazy..it is kinda like …”what do you mean I have to give up Crack?” you should think look at that list of things that I “get” to give up…..how awesome is that? That small adjustment in your self-talk could make all the difference. Imagine how empowered you will feel when you start eating real food. Real food……think about that for a second….I am telling you by giving up those things and by eating these things, whole organic, colorful veggies, lean meats, nuts and seeds and a bit of fruit here and there….not only will you be eating well….but you will be eating the “real Food” that your body desires, and those foods are chock full of not only the macronutrients that you need most, fat and protein, but also plenty of micronutrients *vitamins and minerals* to boot….how crazy is that? A quote that has been tossed around I will paraphrase here…think of what you should eat like this. If your 15000 year old cousins from back in the day were to step into your kitchen today I would want you to eat only what they would recognize as food.

so……there is your assignment….what if we just do this..how about you start from tomorrow morning, and we take it day by day….

I can promise you this..after about 2 weeks of it…you will not want to go back……

thanks for reading

best of health

Moving Naturally….missing what is right in front of our Faces

Moving Naturally…..missing what is right in front of our faces.

I am truly lucky. I have been given a chance to live my dream everyday of my life. I have a loving, caring and beautiful wife. I have two incredible children who are healthy and quite possibly the most adorable little girls in the world, and somehow the powers that be have seen fit to give us one more child in June (sex has yet to be discovered). Since I have left full time employment to pave my own way through Opening Crossfit Williamsville, I find myself with a schedule that permits me to take my 5 year old to school everyday and even pick her up. It is great. Unfortunately I rarely get to spend time during the week with my 3 year old Reagan. Today my wife and I decided to split forces…she would get Kyra for some much needed Mommy Kyra time, and I would get to spend all day with Reagan…..

MovNat Class at the Mall….
Our mall, on Niagara Falls Blvd, Has a pretty nice, soft, open play area for little ones, and that is where we headed. For at least 45 minutes I got to watch my little 3 year old Movnatter “workout” non stop for that whole time. I saw rock bottom squats, active hangs, broad jumps, butt slides, foot hand crawls, knee hand crawls, planks, she demonstrated cooperation, helping other children crawl on top of things, she ran barefoot the whole time….it was a masterful display of MovNat skills…..and the coolest thing…all the other kids were Movnatting as well…..and they did not even know it. And then it hit me, when I am running a class, and maybe I have set up a little combo course for my members to run through I see the same joy and smiles coming from them that I was seeing today from the kids. See we are hardwired to enjoy this kind of movement…it is in the very fiber of our DNA…..and for most of us we have forgotting how liberating and fun exercising through natural movement can be…..

If you would like to know more about…please…come give it a shot..the first class is always and will always be on me….

have a great rest of your Weekend everyone…..


How lucky am I?  Just over 2 years ago I started a blog called  livinghealthyinbuffalo.wordpress.com   and on that blog I wrote that my mission was to change the face of Buffalo NY.  Change it by one person at a time if necessary.  Change it by infusing the population with a health minded look at their lives.  It has been quite the mission, and quite honestly quite the ride…..I look back then and had no idea how fortunate I would be.  Now I find myself the fourth Crossfit affiliate owner in Buffalo, and one of only 2 certified MovNat Trainers in New York State.  It is an honor.  I find myself surrounded by those that inspire me to work harder, to learn  more, and those that challenge me to be better at what I coach, better at how I program, better at how I communicate…..I find those that test my patience, and test my resolve…I am so thankful for everyone…..perhaps most importantly I find myself in the perfect position to help hundreds of people in my community……I can not wait to see what this year will bring…I can’t wait to see the people that I will help change……the goals I will see crushed….and the minds that I will be lucky enough to open up to the ways that they can lead healthier more fulfilling and ultimately happier lives.   I am so lucky, so thankful, and so happy to have been given this chance to help with what I see is an incredible challenge that our society faces…..thank you all….lets take this year for all it is worth and have one hell of a celebration on December 31st……

Courage (retooled from my other blog)

I thought this one might be worth putting in front of your faces one more time…give it a reread.


Doing the right thing in the face of adversity.  Willingly putting yourself out there, even though your viewpoint may be vastly different than the majority.  Some people thrive under those conditions.  Some willingly subject themselves to criticism from the masses.  Some would not have it any other way.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or
pause and reflect).   -Twain

I fancy myself, at times, to be on the less occupied side of the fence more often than not, but I know most aren’t.  I know that most are content to be a quiet face in the crowd.  To move about completely unheard, and completely safe, and completely comfortable.  Most of us like the anonymity.  We like it.  But I think perhaps…..just maybe….somewhere hidden, deep down inside…..past those memories of getting stuffed in the locker in 4th grade, way inside…… I think that the vast majority of us somehow want to be in the spotlight.  I think somewhere in all of us we wish we could shout out the way we feel, the way we think, the truth of what our heart screams at us.  Yet….we don’t.   We continue on, living how we are “supposed” to, or how our fear allows us to.  I could be very wrong.  Perhaps everyone lives each day at the top of their game.  Rolling through their lives like an unstoppable force….chowing down on Big Mac’s and six packs and loving their life.  That’s probably closer to the truth.  Maybe society is content to eat what they want, and live on manufactured food and drugs until they die at 76 years old, happy simply to have existed for that long.  Well if that is you then you may want to stop reading a blog titled Fighting to Be Fit.  I’m going to, for the sake of my intended audience, lean to the side of hoping that most of you are wanting something better, looking for it…wondering why you haven’t found it inside your globo gym, or your curves, or your weight watchers or your Jenny Craig, wondering why Shawn T can’t give it to you or why your experience at P90X was more like p90F  (as in Fail).   This post is for you……I’m going to let you in on a secret…….A fitness secret that Jillian Michaels doesn’t want you do know and a nutrition secret that Subway hopes you never find out…….in truth….the only Gym equipment you will ever need you were born with…(your body)……and the only nutrition advice you need is to eat real food and stay away from sugar as much as you can……if you were to stick with that you’d do pretty well.   What exactly does that mean?????  It means that there are plenty of people “working out” in Gym’s across america, using every piece of equipment for hours at a time, that can’t run a mile, do a proper pushup, or a body squat, or even hold on to the pullup bar, not to mention do a pull up.  Likewise there are millions of people that pay nutritionists and or personal trainers to give them nutrition advice that they already know……  Sugar-Bad….Wheat-Bad……pasta-bad……Soda-bad…..candy-bad…..ice cream- bad….beer-bad…….Veggies-Good….nuts-good…..fruit-good……. and when I tell people things like this they always want to say…..but can’t I have ice cream every once in a while….all things in moderation right??? and to that I say….if that works for you roll with it……but the truth is that until you get out from underneath your very real addiction to carbohydrates…then nothing I tell you about food is going to matter….and until you get out of the mindset that I need to do chest and tris on monday, back and bis on wednesday, and legs and shoulders on friday…..no amount of my functional kettlebell workouts are going to work for you….especially if you are spending 45 minutes on an ellyptical reading a magazine and then convincing yourself that you are in the “fat burning zone”……..but again…I’m hoping that the majority of you out there are in search of a better way.  I’m not going to call it the right way because I’m not that naive,  but it’s definitely a better way.  Eating a plant-based whole foods diet is simply a better way…..incorporating full body, compound muscular movements and body weight exercises is simply better than spot targeting secondary movers….Drinking Water will always be better than drinking anything else….  So for all of you that aren’t happy, that aren’t content, that demand a different way….have the Courage to believe there is a better way, have the Courage to find it…..Good luck all


Best of Health Buffalo


Lives are Changing

It’s starting to happen……things are moving well with Crossfit Williamsville as we look to begin the New Year’s Revolution on Monday.  Come join in the fun!!!!


WOD for Today



3 -65% max

3-75% max

2-85% max

1- whatever you have left



5 rounds for time

15 ring rows

15 elevated Pushups

15 Front Squats

3,2,1, go

Nutrition…How to eat well..

I have long been wanting to post on this subject. I’ve reread my past posts on my other blogs that spoke of nutrition  and must admit that, as heart felt as they are, they fell short of their intended impact.  How does one reach out to a populace that only responds to answers they want not answers they need?  How do I craft an article so compelling that those reading it won’t simply say “Yeah he’s right, but I’m not going to give up pasta” but instead might actually give it up for 90 days, and see how much better they feel.  People don’t really want to acknowledge that there are really only two ways to eat.  There is simply eating the way that nourishes our body or the way that poisons it.  Period.  How have we come so far from where our distant ancestors were 10,000 years ago.  I mean how crazy is it that we live in a society where our food sources are so jacked up that we need people with advanced degrees to legally prepare a “diet” for us?  Really?  I can sum up how you should eat right now.  Organic: meat, veggies, little to no starches, nuts and seeds, and a bit of fruit.   Wait a sec Rob, you don’t have any grains on that list?    No, no I don’t.  Sugar isn’t there either.  “But I have to have my sugar” Umm.. actually no, no you don’t…actually out of the three macronutrients (fat, proteins, carbohydrates)  Carbs are the only one for which there is no dietary requirement.  That means if you provide yourself with fat and protein your body can make all the carbs it needs to function optimally. What qualifies me to make this statement?  Do I have a degree in nutrition?  Am I a Registered Dietician?   No, and hell no….. to be that I would have to believe that you need to eat whole grains.  Here is what I do know.  I have never felt, looked, or moved better than I do right now, and it has been over a year since I’ve eaten grains or sugar.  I’m leaner, happier, have much longer bouts of energy, have lower blood pressure and let’s get this one out of the way, the majority of my diet is fat…..wow….is that possible…..it is.   But I will tell you this, I don’t eat things that come in a box, or that have words in them that I cannot pronounce.  And I feel super good about it.   So in closing be willing to look at our history, look at how our waistlines have grown steadily since the agricultural revolution started, look at how our fertility rates have dropped, how our average height and strength has waned…..you would think with all the great commercials about how healthy eating grains are, and the fact that the vast majority of our american diet is based on it, that we in fact, should be the healthiest nation in the world…right?  At any rate I feel I’m starting to go on a bit too far.  Keep this in mind.  If you are interested in learning more, I’d love to sit and have a conversation about this with you.  You can reach me any time during the day at the box, 716.560.7438…..or stop in and visit.  Let’s keep this in mind.  Exercising without eating properly is putting the cart before the horse…

stay healthy buffalo




1st Blog Post, 2 days in.  Perhaps behind a bit, perhaps right on track.

It is hard to make changes….lasting changes.  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, resolve to change yourself for the better, and set numerous lofty goals that are sure to come in the New Year.  It’s that time right?Of course, 8 weeks from now…it may be too common a feeling to look back on those goals/ resolutions (dare I use the word) and see that, of the ones you can remember, you fell just short of….perhaps some didn’t even get a chance out of the gate.  I think we have all been in that situation…champagne gets the better of you and as far as you are concerned you and your friends will have balanced the budget, ended terrorism and have world peace in the bag by March, Obama has nothing on you guys….then the ball drops, kissing happens…and the rest is a bit hazy until you wake up on the 1st thinking…What the Hell??
The next 8 weeks are also infamous in the fitness industry  (whenever I use the word infamous I am instantly 9 years old watching The Three Amigos…if you didn’t get that joke, I apologize…if you did, high five…)  At any rate…..if you have ever worked at, or spent any significant time as a member of a Globo Gym, then you know exactly where I am going.  For the next Two months (give or take) these massive institutions will be bombarded by New Year’s Resolutionites……all hitting it hard to make there fitness and health dreams of 2013 become a reality.  The sad truth is that over 80% of them will quit going by the end of 8 weeks…..So if you are reading this chances are you are a regular exerciser, or someone who desires to be.  Let’s pretend for a moment that you are someone  who desires that, maybe you have even joined a gym in the last 2 weeks, or have rededicated yourself to attending your Globo Gym on a regular basis.  Let’s see if we can figure out some ways you can find success at your gym….

1. Get to the gym –   It does you no good whatsoever to say  “I have a membership”   if you aren’t using it.   Let 2013 be the year of action for you…..take it.

2. Have a solid Plan-   whether you get it from a trainer, the internet, the buff guy wearing huge pants…lol   have something to work off of 

3.  Short Intense Full Body Workouts will give you the results you want-  the truth is you can get in great shape by squatting, deadlifting, Pulling up, and Pushing up 4-5 times a week, vary the weights and set structure and you would be on fire….but that’s not sexy and we all know that sex, and crazy machines, sell when it comes to fitness.

4.  If you must do cardio…..arrgghh…that’s a whole other post…….do it this way, 5 minutes to warm up into the movement, 20 minutes of balls to the walls, then 5 minutes to cool down….foam roll and go home..

5. Eat Better-    “but Rob I don’t know what I should eat.”    Here is a quick one to work on,,,,for now….don’t eat dumb shit.  (that’s a bit coarse right…stole that from my good Friend Josh Bunch HMFIC of Practice Crossfit, but I absolutely love it.)  What is Dumb $hit?    umm…Oreos, Ice Cream, Pop, Beer, French Fries, Nachos, Candy, Twinkies, HotDogs, Fast Food, Subway, Chicken Wings,  Pizza, Milk Shakes…..I know, I know, I get it, you are thinking to yourself, and then you have that thought creep into your mind… “That’s all the fun stuff”   when in truth it’s all the stuff that you are addicted to.   (S U G A R)   which leads me to the next part…. how bout no Grains…..no…too much at this point, ok…well if you just stay away from the other stuff, perhaps for now we can let the grains slide, but if you take a look here . http://wellnessmama.com/575/how-grains-are-killing-you-slowly/…..wow..I know that was a lot to take in…and I kinda threw it at you out of nowhere, but perhaps we will leave things there.  If you stick with lean meats, green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds, little to no starches, some fruit and no grains or sugar….you pretty much will be doing well….and make it whole real food.  Spend the extra buck to by local organic…you pay for it now….or you pay for it in medicine later….

6. Socialize before or after your workout-   plain and simple if you are socializing during your workout, you aren’t working out…there.. I said it..

7. Stay away from the Shake bar-  It’s convenient, it’s healthy, it’s………..full of Sugar…..( no doubt super fit friends of mine are going to say, hey man I need to replenish and there is that ideal 20 minute window that taking in….blah…blah blah…..and I will say….most people Globo Gyms have no business ordering the shakes that they order…for that matter the number of disguised Candy Bars that are at the front counter….

8. Keep Track of your Work….know how much, how many, how long…on all the workouts you do.  Otherwise no telling how much better you are getting.  

9.  Don’t weigh yourself for 90 Days

10. Last but not least…..find a Gym that cares about you.  It’s far easy to stay motivated, and maintain course toward your goals when you feel like you matter.   Create a community of like minded individuals who are striving for the same goals, surround yourself with them.  

Some places you may want to visit if you are in the area and not so excited about your Globo Gym…

Crossfitbuffalo.com      Dave Rice is the Owner and Head coach.   Quality programming, no nonsense approach to getting your body to do what it was meant to do.  Functional High Intesity Workouts, impossible not to get results if you train here.

http://www.crossfit716.net/716/  Crossfit 716,  just passed the Canal in North Tonawanda.  Owned by Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Lesniak.   They have an awesome place to train.  A community of friends that bust their butts to do their very best and make sure that everyone else is keep in pace, outstanding place to train.

Victordeantraining.com  Victor’s place is sensational.  He just moved to accommodate his growing clientele.  This is a private gym where you will be treated well and educated on how to best attain your personal fitness goals.

All three of these privately owned gyms represent some of the best, personalized, training you can get around Buffalo New York.  Check them out, say hi, tell them I told you to come in.   And if you have time in your schedule, you may want to visit my place as well.  Just like those places above, we at Crossfit Williamsville will not treat you like a number, or a monthly payment.  We are going to push you to become the best version of yourself that you can be..and then we are going to push you some more….

start the New Year off Training Hard for life…

move well and move often buffalo,