As always I feel compelled to compose something one way, and then after a lengthy discussion with my wife, I find myself centered, and feeling like something else should be said. I was all set to approach a post like this, ranting a raving on about how we are all destined to live a life like those in the movie Wall-e, floating around on hover chairs and living fun stuff through virtual reality….that was my pessimistic view of where society was heading. Then she said to me. “Rob, (as she calls me when she isn’t angry), it’s funny how opposite we are? (I didn’t follow) She went on to explain that on a day to day basis, she is normally more of the pessimist whereas I am the bubbly optimist who thinks he can accomplish anything, but then, whenever we speak of the future on a grand scale, nationally, or globally for instance, I fall into the 0 hope for the human race, and she sees the brighter future….interesting, and of course….naturally, she is right…..(PhD…..) She said something that made entirely too much sense not to post. I will of course be paraphrasing, and interjecting, but the main points of this post come from her supremely educated mind. As she looked at the nation, monsanto be damned, she realized that when we were growing up no one was even questioning how healthy eating bread was, no alternative fitness crazes were taking the nation by storm, there was not a huge movement for eating real food. But now it seems to be everywhere. In her mind we are moving in the right direction, I might say we are crawling that way, but at least we are moving. So what will it take to move faster…..I think it will take a bit of what I titled this post.

Ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.
People who are ready to face and endure danger or pain.
Endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear: “we had to brave the heat”.
So, there it is plainly written, hard to argue with definitions so concisely stated. What will it take to change the country, and move us toward this place of health and fitness enlightenment. Enough people who are willing to face danger…willing to speak out against things that they see are wrong….enough people willing to say that I have had enough…..enough people willing to give a damn. To get out of their lazy boys and prioritize their health and well being over watching the damn football game on Sunday…will this ever happen??? I hope so, with all my being I hope so. I’m doing my best. I’m giving my children and example to follow. I’ll invite all of you to do that to try your best to model what you see to be the right way. Hell, just give a damn about yourselves and your future, more so that what shows are on the idiot box tonight. That may be a challenge worth repeating. If you care more about who is getting voted off of the Bachelorette tonight (sorry, who isn’t getting a rose) care about what you are going to eat tomorrow, or how you are going to fit a workout in during your lunch hour. Try to start prioritizing your health first, rather than labelling it as an inconvenience that you “plan” to get around to tomorrow.. really if you have any questions nutrition related, or even exercise related I’d be happy to meet with, and or do a phone consultation….here it is in easy print,,,,do something that makes you sweat really hard 20-25 minutes 5-7 days a week and eat real food…..if you stick to that you needn’t count calories, or worry about how much weight you are lifting….once you get those two down to 90 percent of the time then we can move forward from there…good luck Buffalo and beyond…and please don’t be afraid to take the leap..