2016 is here

I’m so incredibly grateful to be surrounded daily, hourly even, by people working to improve themselves and make themselves better.  In so many ways I owe my success and even my drive to them.  It’s for them that I work so often, it is for them that I push myself, it is for them that I sit up hours on Sundays night, asking constantly what is the best way I can take them, and move them forward, and help them keep getting stronger, keep moving better, keep them interested, entertained and above all else keep them growing as human beings.  The box is a place people come to “work out” but that is not all they get.  Hopefully they get a change to let themselves go from time to time…hopefully they get to find a part of themselves, or a drive in them that they did not know existed.  As I look at this year to come I choose to reflect on the road that has put me here and I come to the very real realization that I am, above all things, as far as professions go, a Teacher.  in my early to mid 20’s I taught men how to close within and destroy the enemy, then I moved to teaching Adults how to “get in shape”, next I taught men, women and children of all ages how to kick and punch, and develop a focus and discipline that if continued would see them through other challenges in their life. It was in teaching the martial art of Tae Kwon Do that I began to develop a better understanding of how movement, proper movement, can improve one’s daily life on so many more levels than just physically.   That epiphany is what has led me to the last 3 years.  It is my belief that through proper movement grounded with a foundation of Real Food, that all things can be possible as far as human being is concerned.  I have be fortunate to see how much “better” people become when moving consistently and eating well becomes a part of their life  and I look forward to seeing it happen more and more in 2016.  Thank you to all who are a part of Crossfit Williamsville.  Here is to a wicked 2016  !!!!!