Starbucks encounter..


So there I was.  In line behind someone ordering his wife’s drink off of his cell phone.  Do you know this guy?  Are you this guy?….  At any rate, not only is it taking him hours to read it,  he stresses that it has to be “fat free”   to the poor girl behind the counter(doesn’t he know that he just has to say skinny, never mind that the fat in milk is about the best part about it..not that I am advocating drinking milk, just saying if your are going to you might as well get the fat)  anyhow I digress, he stresses  that the lack of fat is in fact the  “most important part.”   Then as a follow up  says ” Oh and she needs 12 packets of Sugar.”  Holy shit is right...

I was, for once (truthfully only for about 2 seconds), speechless.  I couldn’t believe how much ignorance I had just witnessed in a drink order.

It seems to me that as many people as I think are becoming educated, many are continuing on, doing what they always have done, even though they may, in fact, know better.  I am sure any number of behavioral experts with MD’s and PhD’s could tell me why.  Hell with some not so deep thoughts I could probably come up with the answer, but instead of wasting my brain power on figuring out why so many people tell me they want something, and then all their actions are contrary to what they want…..(post for another day)….instead I am going to leave you with some deep challenging thoughts.

Let’s imagine that you are in your mid 40s to late 50s  and you have children in their 20s or 30s….

Now let’s imagine that they are pushing the obese level..

they come to you and ask for help

What would you do to save your children’s lives????

Take some time and imagine how they will look, and feel, how scared, embarrassed, unhappy they are.  Think carefully about your answer, how are you going to get them to move better, eat better, hell how are you going to get them to live better.  What can you say, how can you make them understand that you care so much about their success…how can you influence them to make that change that you so clearly see they need to make….involve yourself in this imaginary scene.  Hug the huge versions of them, how does it make you feel that they are struggling with this.  Come up with a plan, a solid course of action that you know will not fail….take time, figure it out, even write it down if you like, it will only help the exercise…involve your spouse in this if you have one….even if you don’t have children you can imagine this all….try to make it as real as possible.. now look at how simple that plan is that you thought of, or perhaps wrote down.


stay classy Buffalo and beyond