Warm Up-

Roll 10 min

Up Dog Down Dog- 3 min

Lower Body Joint Prep-3 min

Skinny PVC- 3 min

Walking Samson Stretches-2min


10 Air Squats

15 Jumping Jacks

4 Pushups




6 min Stations


#1  -3 min Cal Row

3 min AMRAP-  1 Wall Walk/ 10 Lying Hip Extensions

#2- 60 sec Battle Rope

60 Sec Mountain Climbers

60 Sec Step Back Lunges      X 2

#3 10 KB Swings EMOM

-run in place, high knees for the balance of minute

#4   6 min AMRAP

15 Strict Knee Raises

5 Pike to plank Walkouts

5 Scapula Pushups


Quite the killer this am…would you expect anything less from a Super Saturday WOD….!!!!

28 Day Challenge Seminar to Follow the Intro Class today!!  I hope to see a lot of your there….have a killer weekend everyone!!!

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