WOD 2/20/2015



Friday 2/20/15
Warm up
10 Min Rollout
6 min Double under Practice (Practice the appropriate progressions…do not move on from single/double until you can do 20 or so in a row with consistent and correct body position…meaning no pikes, knee tucks, etc,)
2 min- Walking Samson
2 min- Skinny PVC
Swing Workshop- 8 min

Wrist and Forearm prep-2-3 min

KB Swings
Ring Rows
Key notes: proper swing technique is paramount… if back is inconsistent, pull yourself back in weight or  deadlift the kettlebell…if you cannot maintain a neutral spine while swinging but you can while deadlifting the bell…likely you are swinging with to heavy a weight… for references on proper swing technique, google Pavel’s Kettlebell Swing….that will give you plenty to see

ring rows..proper body alignment, and pull only up as far as necessary…no movement throughout the hips and though this wod is done for time these Rows are slow and purposeful….have a great night everyone.

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