6 Ways to Maximize Your Recovery Time

You kill yourself the moment you step into the box, until the moment you leave.  Sweat angels abound, and you work tirelessly to do your best when you are there.  You Pr’d your Fran time, set a new squat record, or ran your fastest Mile time ever.  Kudos.  Your workout was killer, but there is something you should know.   You didn’t build  any muscle during that WOD.  That process, the growth from your workouts, begins as soon as your training session ends.  When you lift your muscles actually tear themselves (super small, micro tears) and are actually broken down and then as soon as your stop your body jumps in to repair mode to starting fixing all that you did to it during that WOD.  Wouldn’t you like to help it as best you can?

Follow these 7 After Action Steps so you can be sure you are growing from your words and not dying from them.

Step 1.   Make it on Purpose

Most of my athletes understand that the idea of nutrition, recovery, sleeping and even some proper supplementation can play a huge role in how well you  feel after your WOD, or even when Wodding again the next day.  But let’s take a stand and add as much purpose to our recovery as we do to our workouts.

Lets look at a few things. What we eat before the WOD can play a huge role in how we perform and how we recover after. If you eat before make sure you are taking in protein from quality sources and good carbs, they will be in you during the WOD and after.  Along with quality nutrients there have been numerous studies that show taking BCAA in supplement form can help greatly.   Here is a great article about supplementation in general,  Branch Chain Amino Acids are covered a few paragraphs down.  http://Supps for Crossfitters

Along with Eating and Supplementation we should also look at hydration, which starts days before you Workout.  Aim to drink water whenever your thirsty, and if you consume, alcohol, or coffee, don’t count it as hydration, nor the water (equal amount) that you drink to make up for it.   My best advice in hydration is to drink water when you’re thirsty.( I know, repetition)

now after the WOD..

Step 2.  Mobility/Stretching

Please.   Don’t Skip this part.  Not only in reading. (Self Serving)  But in doing.  You need to mobilize, roll, stretch, be purposeful about the movements you do directly following a workout.  I cannot tell you which ones, not knowing what the Workout is that you just finished but I can give a few guidelines,  generally speaking,  static stretching the areas that were most effected by the workout is good practice.  Working on mobility issues that prevented you from finding full range of motion during the workout as well and some you may need to improve on, and as a general rule I feel like it’s always a good idea to deload the spine for a minute or two.

Step 3.   Find out the Best Protein Post WOD For you  

If you aren’t getting protein in soon following your workout you are missing out.  Just do it.  Whether it is from Steak or a great Post Workout Shake  get something in your body within 20-30 minutes that’s a crucial window for nutrient intake, your body wants it. Give it.


Step 4.  Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Mark Twight is the Founder of Gym Jones, and is responsible for training hundreds if not thousands of elite athletes from all walks of life.  His number one rule when training an athlete, before what they do, or how they eat, or even their attitude is this, at least 8 hours of sleep per night.  This is where so much, anabolic (muscle building) activity occurs.  I realize we have limited time, and most of us are crazy busy.  But it can change your performance and life in general.  Please sleep.

Step 5.  Did Someone Say Active Recovery  

Please, move well, after the WOD,  the next day.  Even on your rest days get walking, hiking, light…(light) jogging if you are very sore.  It’s often best to put some movement to your body.  The night after, the next day, almost all the time.  Move.  Sitting hours after an excruciating training session is like hell reincarnate.  Don’t do it if you can help it.  If you are forced to, move as often as you can.  Drink tons of water, and get up to go pee twice an hour.  You will thank me the next time.  Go up and down stairs……after Leg Day.


Step 6.  Stop Stressing Yourself Out  

Exercise is a form of stress.  In our life it’s necessary stress, but it’s stress nonetheless.  As is our job, our children, the way some of us breathe.   Seek out resources, and activities that lower your stress level.  Meditation, Massage, Hot Tubs, Hugs, laughing.  All things we could use more of in our life.  The bottom line is reducing stress, rather making a point to reduce stress will not only aid our recovery from one WOD to the next, but ultimately will vastly improve the quality of our life.


In closing, do your best to take action, and put more thought behind these 6 areas of concentration and you may find yourself accomplishing things you didn’t think you could.







3 Simple Steps to Having your Fittest Fall Ever!!!


The time has come to grab hold of our destiny and take charge and responsibility of our own lives.  Let’s empower ourselves and have our healthiest and most awesome Fall ever!!

Step 1:  Attitude

If you haven’t already bought into the idea  that your attitude toward life is going to ultimately determine nearly everything that happens in one way or another to you on a daily basis then we need to get you there and fast.    Thomas Jefferson put it pretty succinctly

“Nothing can stop someone with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help someone with the wrong mental attitude.”


Have an appreciation and respect for what you want and how much your attitude toward everyday can literally make or break your dreams.

Now we Have to  Dig a bit further and have to focus on the attitude we carry throughout the day.  We have to learn to only worry about the things we have power over, and let the things that we can not control go in one in and out the other.  I know it’s difficult but we are trying to kill it in this life and the next we don’t have time to worry bout things we are bombarded with on a daily basis from the media and the break room.  We are setting ourselves up for our fittest fall ever!!!  We are going to crush our work, and then we are going to crush our workouts, and then we are going to crush family time, or time with our friends.

Action Steps for #1

1.Create a list of things you are grateful for, and read it twice Daily

2.Create a List based on your worries that you have no control over…and practice actively forgetting about them.

3.   Last action step.  Choose to be happy!!!

Step #2  Proper Nutrition

Books have indeed been written and are being written on this subject, but for the sake of time let’s go with this.  Eat real food that you have to prepare for yourself.  It is a good check that if the majority of the food you are eating lasts longer than a week, you need to revamp your diet.

That is about as simple as it gets..and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

Action Steps for Step 2

1. Clear out your cabinets of anything that doesn’t make the cut based on the lists above

2. Write down everything you eat, for at least 2 weeks, if not 2 months

3. Ask for help


Step 3   Proper Movement Plan

This can be a new exercise plan, a better one, a new place to workout, a better place to workout, an at home workout program you are doing.  The important thing here is to have a plan. Plan to succeed this fall.  Plan not to get into a rut. Plan to be amazing.

Aciton Steps for Step 3

  1. Develop your exercise plan
  2. Tell someone you love who loves you enough to help you be accountable
  3. Ask a professional for help if you are not sure how to go about it



5 Ways to Fit Exercise into your schedule.

Amy, busy mom of 4 Finding time to work hard

Amy, busy mom of 4 Finding time to work hard

Moving is important.  We get that.  Exercise is moving, but some of us have the busiest lives in the world, and there is sometimes not enough time, what in the world can we do?  Well here are five shots at you to try and let you have some found time, or reconsider the order of your day.

5 Ways to Fit Exercise into your life.

#1.  Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you do right now.

Holy moly!!!  Impossible.  Improbable.  NO WAY!!!!!  I’m sure if you like to sleep until the last possible second in the morning and especially if you have a spicy love affair with the snooze button every time your alarm goes off, then this task might seem impossible.  But there are a host of reasons that waking up a bit early, and getting a quick High Intensity Workout in will make the rest of your day absolutely awesome.    You will get an endorphin spike that will leave you feeling great for the rest of the day.  You will get it out of the way so that the rest of your day you know you are already taking steps to feeling better.  More often it’s an easier time to schedule that will not let after work duties get in the way.  These are all great along with the short term metabolic boost.   These are all great reasons to “Rise and Grind”

#2  Find a workout buddy.

Workout buddies are awesome, so long as they do not become socialization buddies.  Use your buddy to help hold you accountable, to motivate you, to inspire you, to pick you up if you need a ride, and even to complain to.  Some studies have shown that having a workout buddy means you are 85 Percent more likely to stick with a program.  So find your BFF for Working Out!!!

#3  Immerse yourself in the benefits of Exercise.

Subscribe to blogs, journals, blog casts, etc.  Magazines if necessary.  Human minds are crazy wonderful things. If you read an hour or two a day about the benefits of exercise, you will start to assimilate the mindset and suddenly start reorganizing your day around training.  Education is a truly wonderful thing.

#4   Stop Watching America’s Got Talent.

The average american watches 5 hours of Television per day.   I’m not sure I need to write anything else on this.  Fit in 30-90 minutes for training.

#5  Join Crossfit Williamsville  (or any other group fitness, likeminded group of honest and encouraging individuals)    Not only are you more likely to succeed in a group environment.  You will also be helped, cheered, carried, inspired, and ultimately feel like you belong, when you find a Gym full of people who will not judge you but instead will help you become the best you can possibly become.  Once surrounded by this kind of environment, it has been my experience that it is often more difficult to get people to take a rest day, than to not workout.


Thanks for the read.  Please find us on FB, and like the page and if it is your first time coming to the blog, subscribe.


best of Health Buffalo and Beyond!!!