As we are lucky to celebrate another Holiday with our loved ones..


Complaints… viruses, seem to spread through our being once we give in to them.  Negativity breeds like rabbits it would seem.  I take pride in being very in control of my state for the most part, yet at times, on occasion, I will find myself voicing a complaint.  And then, if I’m not careful another will sneak in…then the next thing I know it’s as if I’m on stage next to Jerry Springer airing mine and my whole family’s deepest darkest secrets.  (perhaps that was a bit much)  At any rate, we are all subject to bouts of complainitis (could be that was made up?  as made up as my punctuation throughout my posts….)  At times we may even fly off into tyrannical bouts of it….yet as I look back on my state during those times, or how my mind is working I must admit that it is embarrassing.  Complaining is selfish.  Period.  It is my 5 year old’s way of communicating about something she dislikes.  For this upcoming New Year’s, among other more lofty goals, I’m going to refrain from complaining.  I’m not sure it is as therapeutic as some may think.  Upon a bit of reflection I think it only serves to connect us with a loser mentality, a victim mentality, a mentality that is not conducive to succeeding and thriving, be it in our workplace or our own homes.  So let’s all take a page from Tony Robbins this year and whenever we find us complaining about our life, or how long the line is at the grocery, let us take a step back and say  “ is this, but what is great about my life?”  I’m betting that you’ll be able to come up with some awesome answers… 

you all have a good friday….



10 minute intense MovNat Warm up

Triplet, 60 seconds per exercise, 6 Rounds, continuos

Punching the bag/ Jumping Rope/ and Rowing

followed by

Heavy Front Squat  80% max


have an awesome Friday…

a story….of sorts

A general manager and a personal trainer have a conversation, one of many, about how if “they” owned a gym  they would do so many things differently.   “Cleaner, better equipment, personalized service by the front desk staff” the general manager said.  “Space, look at all the space in here taken up by all the machines.  Imagine the things we could have the members do if there weren’t so many machines” the trainer pointed out.  They both agreed that on their own, they would do it much differently, much better in their minds.  The personal trainer, in spite of how naive he is, looks out at the main floor.  Something isn’t right about that, that can’t be all there is to “working out”.   His search began then.  He didn’t really know what he was looking for.  But he knew something better.  He found Kettlebells, He found Gym Jones, he found this amazing trend that was basically un heard of back then Crossfit?  Isn’t that where you jerk around like an idiot on the pull-up bars, convulsing until you get your chin over the bar??? That was what someone asked him back then.  You can’t do pullups like that you’ll hurt your back and shoulders, it’s terrible for you. Those were the words of someone he looked up to.  But something in it all made sense. It made sense when you took the exercise away and made it a task.  What task?  Get your chin over the bar as many times as you can.  How you do that, doesn’t matter, go.    CONSTANTLY VARIED….Never the same workout twice……even when you did repeat a workout it was so long since the last time, you had improved so much that it really wasn’t the same workout.  FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS … workout ways that your body was meant to move, deadlifts, squats, jumps, running, pull ups…so simple……so basic…… necessary..HIGH INTENSITY  After all it’s called work for a reason.  Most of these workouts lasted less than 20 minutes…is that possible?  After being fed a steady diet of body part isolation workouts, and cardio for 45 minutes 5 days a week, how are people going to believe that 5 20 minute workouts will do them worlds better????  After all isn’t longer better.   In fact, no.  Then the personal trainer found himself at a crossroads.  He had two outstanding offers in front of him.  He was blessed by being a fairly decent martial artist and had found someone who believed in him enough to offer him a chance to manage a school, and become part of  a very successful world class system.  The other offer was a GM spot at an up and coming franchise, new to the Buffalo Area, open one, the part owner of the next, etc….at least 5 here the offerer had insisted.  He turned down the latter in favor of the former more familiar in terms of people he knew and trusted.  Over the next 6 years the naive personal trainer learned a lot, grew more than even he expected, and was proud to call himself a martial artist.  (a title he still isn’t entirely comfortable with)  He learned humility, training every day next to martial artists whose skills he was in awe of.  Trained how to teach by a teacher who was world renowned, and truly personified the word Grandmaster….Introduced to a system that for the most part emphasized truly caring about the client, and providing them with not only the highest quality instruction but also the most complete customer service experience in the market.  It succeeded.  But the personal trainer grew restless.  He loved the martial arts, but was not passionate about what he taught.  He longed for a place of his own.  Where he could again connect with the goals inside of him.  What was it.  What unified the jobs he’d done.  What part of them did he enjoy the most?  Selling cars, teaching Tae Kwon Do, personal training?  It was seeing the joy in people’s faces when they accomplished something they didn’t believe they could.  That realization.  It was awesome to him.  To be able to be a small part of their success.

It is from this place the Crossfit Williamsville was built.  It does not claim to be the  “be all and end all to exercise.”  What it claims to be is… Honest….hard working…..and ever learning…..and above all else…caring for the needs of the community that it will build.   Come visit the naive personal trainer sometime and see if you like the workout, the atmosphere, and the people.    All are welcome.

take care buffalo, best of health to you all

How inconsequential posting a blog right now seems….yet artists will draw, singers will sing, and writers must write..

In truth I can’t begin to convey the irrational feeling of loss I have, I simply don’t have the words for it.  I didn’t know anyone in Connecticut, and likely I don’t know anyone who knew anyone…but nonetheless I feel the loss of those 20 little ones more than I anticipated I would.  My heart weeps.  I’m here in the box, half-heartedly trying to figure out a way to market Crossfit Williamsville, and hours away are people who, like me, started the day out as parents of a 5 year old, yet now are having to identify the remains of of their child.  Remains… cold and damning does that sound?  Perhaps this blog entry is more therapy for me than anything else.  I am an optimistic person.  I am a happy person, and for the most part I have always been a “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” person.  And  that hasn’t changed.  Now we will be fed a consistent mish mash of media about the horrific event, everything from finding out why it happened, how it happened, if there was a way we could have stopped it,,,Batman all over again..Is the why, who, what, where, and how, really what we need to be looking at right now.  Instead of looking for a why…because let’s be honest, the why does not matter.  Oh I know why all you think it matters, that way we can find a pattern and institute and number of steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, until it does happen again….I know that’s how our mind works….let’s look at this, let’s rationalize it some how, let’s talk about how it could have been prevented, let’s drag it out to support “our” gun control, or “our” right to carry concealed…….but if there is one thing I know….you can’t predict crazy.  So instead of the why, how about we look inward.  I learned quite a few years ago, whether it was something I caused or not, to look for the solution in myself.  I  believe it is that one belief that has guided me and helped me grow so much, at least over the last 6 years or so.  If we turn our minds, hearts, inwards, how can we (not a societal we, but each one of us as individuals) keep moving in a positive direction.  How can we continue to drive on and live morally just fulfilling lives.  I believe therein lies the salvation of our society.  Programs will not fix this.  Gun Control will not fix this.  Only our communities coming together as communities should, or communities forming where before there were none will help to end or suppress senseless tragedies like happened today.



The Beginning

Crossfit Williamsville is finally open.  2 months straight as a general contractor and now I find myself faced with a beautiful gym.  Beautiful and empty.  Approaching the end of my second week I know I’ve done well, functional, clean, beautiful lobby.  But I need to fill it.  I need to have 15 people in front of me five times a day, so I can infect them with this passion for health that I have.  So I can move them, and they in turn can move others they know..and so on.   This is just the beginning.  Welcome all.  If you haven’t had the chance to visit, please come see, come train, come just to say hello.  Here is where we will start..RED ILUMNO-PC5-1


WOD for today

5 rounds for time.

10 Box Jumps/10 Pullups/ 10 Rope Slams/ 10 walking lunges per leg/ 10 knees to elbows..

3,2,1, go