WOD 2/22/2015




Warm Up-

10 Min  Roll out

2 Min Bird Dogs

3 Min Up Dog, Down Dog, Child’s Pose

2×8 Wall Sliders

2×8 Bi Lateral External Rotations

2 min   Hip Flexors

3 pushups/ 30 Seal Jacks-  6x

( perfect form on the pushups)

8 min class on Med Ball Cleans – Skill



For Time
21-18-15-9 Med Ball Cleans
3 Wall Walks in between each set
-then 25 toes to bar
* no wall walks after 9 go straight to bar

*choose appropriate level of substitutions for Wall Walks…. midline stabilization throughout the entire movement is First Performance point..if unable to maintain through full ROM, shorten or lessen ROM…( may choose to hold handstand position for 4-5 seconds, highest possible to step up with feet)


Short Chiropractic Talk after the WOD  @1045….  Great Informative Session.  Please Hang  Out… in between end of 9 am class and the start of talk @1045  Coach JP and I will be available to help with extra Skill WOrk if any athlete would like to pick our brains.


Kill the Day….  Have an awesome Sunday..



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