WOD 2/21/2015


Cannot Wait to do a Destination WOD here @Dodge Elementary!!!!!   Come Get us Warm Weather!!!


Warm UP

10MIn- Roll out /  3min Skinny PVC/ 3min Updog Down Dog/  Mobilize Hip Flexors 2 min

Active Warm up

40 Seal Jacks

10 Air Squats

*  don’t attack the active warm up like a WOD.  Move Well and Smooth.  on the Air Squats focus on proper range of motion.  keep your wait back on the back half of your feet, but be sure to keep your full foot in contact with the ground. You can rest at the bottom of the squat each time, to work on flexibility and ROM


20 Wall Balls
20 Pushups


20 Burpees

20 Mountain Climbers

6min of Play on 2×4

Craw/ Balance/ Tripod Extensions/ Reverses

*post WOD, Strict Pull up play!!!

Wicked Saturday, I hope everyone enjoyed it, and I look forward to chasing this week.

Reminder.  Tomorrow  (SUnday)  at 1045   Fast Chiropractic talk.  I hope you all can make it!!!!  

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