What is the Secret?

In a word….Consistency.

Bruce Jenner in his “pre” Kardashian days, when he was legitimately one of the fittest people on earth, was asked about how he stays so focused as a decathlete ( think 1980s)…and his answer was incredibly simple yet if applied properly could be the key to you reaching any goal in life you might have, be it physical, mental, or even monetary.  He said that whenever he was faced with a decision he simply chose the route that would get him closer to his goal, rather than the one that would take him further away.


Imagine that…take the route that will get you closer to where you want to be……can it be that simple..  I believe it can.

But perhaps, for those of us wanting to improve our health, what is missing from us certainly wasn’t missing from Bruce.  He knew his times, knew his training, knew without a shadow of a doubt specifically what he wanted.  So he took massive action and made it happen.

So perhaps before we can become consistent with our actions, so that we can drive ourselves toward our goal, we have to find out what that goal is.

Homework assignment:

1. Write down a specific goal.

1a. then write down a goal that has nothing to do with Weight…   example, wear this size dress, run a 5k,  do 5 consecutive pull-ups.

2. Write down everything you can remember, that you have done over the past week that has taken you further from reaching that goal.

3.  Write down that you are not going to do that stuff, any more.

4.  Write down 5 things you can do, today, tomorrow, and this whole coming week to get you closer to your goal in 1a.

5.  Post on here in the replies, or even on FB what you have written, and then you will have a built in accountability company..


Good luck…this is a take action and apply it post….

if you consistently stick to this simple plan that you have developed, I believe you will be quite happy with the results..


stay classy Buffalo and beyond…

Hope for the future and those around us… simple slight rehash of an older post…..relevant nonetheless

I am luckier than most. I have completely designed my lifestyle around fitness. I have to be in shape or it is impossible for me to do my job correctly. So that means it is easy for me to exercise consistently right…..??? It’s super easy for me to eat healthy….right??? I suppose to an extent it is true. But I think what’s important is to understand how long it took me to get to this level. I think it’s too often that people see someone who has made it to a certain level of fitness and they may think….oh he has good genetics…or wow she probably doesn’t even like chocolate. Take me for example; When I was freshman in high school, baseball first introduced me to the “weight room” from that moment on I always “wanted” a six pack, and veins in my arms….well fast forward 20 years later …and finally I have them…..but it did not happen overnight….I wish I could stress that, I wish I could have you all standing on my shoulders as I eyed a piece of candy, that I knew would only lead to more and more candy…..and feel how  I struggled to not eat it.  I wish you could visualize the back and forth battle it was…..”I can eat just that….it’s not a big deal”….vs “don’t touch that, look at how far you have come”….constant, relentless fight…..let me just fall of a track a second and say….sugar addiction sucks, but breaking sucks even more in the short term..lol….20 years it has taken me to undo what society, and my family put into me in the first 13 years of my life. Actually I once read a study that suggested that by 7 our eating habits are already firmly in place…that’s how early this starts. No wonder it took me 20 years to undo what was so firmly embedded in my mind… So why bring this up….I suppose because I want you to believe that it’s possible to be in whatever sort of shape you would like to be in, but you have to make the effort. You have to take on the responsibility….if you don’t do it for yourself you likely will never do it. Perhaps the only other “person” you may be able to get away with would be doing it for your children…..wouldn’t you like to be able to lift and play with their children (your own grandkids) one day? Ask yourself how likely is that scenario at the rate you are headed…and let’s pretend you who are reading this are doing fine with your health, as I anticipate plenty of you will be…then what about someone you know who isn’t going to be ok in 5 years, 10 years….what can you do today to help that person. Who can you put them in touch with to help change their life for the better? Do we, who are healthy and fit, owe it to the rest of society to help them get out of the rut they are in…to help show them how to be healthier,,,,and ultimately happier??? What do you think? Either that or live inside our Fit little box, with our fit little friends and watch Americas average waistline continue to grow….that is what is happening…how do we stop it…maybe you ask do we stop it?? Or do we act like a New Yorker…and look straight ahead and pay no attention to those hurting around us. I once posted that letting someone who is obese eat at a fast food restaurant is similar in my mind to allowing an alcoholic to have a shot a whiskey….that post offended some people…though I’m not really sure why. …I believe until we as a country are prepared to have these uncomfortable moments and recognize the nationwide epedemic for what it is…then I believe we will never begin to move in the right direction….at any rate it’s been a while buffalo…talk to you all soon..