this was written in August of last year……the day I signed the lease for the Box’s location

People, want to be happy.  That is a given.  For most of us that is going to include doing things that you feel comfortable doing.  Most of us use the same bank, shop for our food at the same grocery, even tend to favor one movie theater over the next, not usually because of amenities, but more often because it is where we got comfortable.  The gym and your “gym routine” is not any different.  How many of us are doing the equivalent of punching a card when we step in for a workout?  We take our Ipods (guilty) our cell phones (guilty), plug ourselves in, and even pause in the middle of our “work out” to check facebook, or look for a better play list.  I’ve been involved in the fitness industry, professionally, for over 7 years now.  If there is one thing I’ve noticed it is that people will allow themselves to stay in the same stagnant shape for years, and not particularly care a bit about it.  For some it seems to be a badge of honor just to say “I went to the gym today“  (not excluding myself, I’ve been there)…That’s all fine and dandy but I wonder when we  have a right to challenge someone who is taking so much external pride in that statement.  When can we, as friends, trainers, mentors, say…….”don’t tell me you went to the gym, tell me how you challenged yourself.  Tell me how the workout you were about to do scared the hell out of you, and after you finished you felt like you could hardly move, but somehow felt like you could climb Mt. Everest.  Tell me how what you just did has instilled such a sense of confidence in you that it’s very likely that you will tell your boss tomorrow morning what you think about the meeting he makes you sit through every morning before work starts.  Tell me how the workout has touched you so much that you are going to force all of your friends come try this sh%$ out because it is awesome.   How often do we feel that way?  How often should we feel that way?


It’s my guess that we don’t feel that way often enough, and that we should feel that way after every workout. We should feel something, feel engaged, feel that we learned, accomplished, connected, that we were challenged, that we were cared about……at the very least feel like we didn’t go on autopilot….

It has been a dream of mine for the better part of 6 years to help people in bettering themselves through physical exertion.  I have done as much, working for Gold’s Gym, and then moving on to running an extremely successful Tae Kwon Do school here in Amherst NY.  But the time has come for a change.  I needed more…..   And I found more.

5385 Main Street  Suite 4

Amherst, NY, 14226

The lease has been signed, the renovation has begun.  By November 15th, everyone will have a place to come where they will be  cared for, engaged, challenged and not allowed to simply shift into autopilot.  In the Village of Williamsville, for at least the next five years people who want to change will have that outlet….

thanks for your support and for the read….

much more information to come in the future….

Wish me luck Buffalo and beyond…