Pursuing Mastery..



An attribute I struggle with.  I wish I could just learn it as fast as possible.  I also as a teacher, wish I could hand it in a bottle over to all of my athletes/ students.  Though I know that’s impossible.  I must say I am encouraged though.  On a daily basis I work with athletes that have chosen a path of self mastery.  On a daily basis I get to see bankers, pharmacists, servers, and bartenders…among many others….strive master themselves through many thousands of different movement patterns.  This inspires me.

I have pursued mastering movement over the last 13 years, and while I can state without a doubt that I am a far better mover than I was back then, I feel I am even further away from mastering anything than I was before.  Perhaps that’s not true. I have mastered some things, yet the more you learn seemingly the more you uncover.  So much so that it seems to point out to me on a daily basis how much I don’t know about movement.   Perhaps that’s how we should expect it to be.  Perhaps that’s the best reason in the world of movement and Crossfit to take our time and let it happen.  Consistent application of proven principles will lead to improvement and eventually mastery.  10,000 hours of practice.  Of purposeful practice.  That is what I have read it takes.  That is an incredible amount of time to be sure, but doable for sure.  If we live to be 75, then we all have about 657,000 hours on this earth, that makes 10,000 not so overwhelming.  We just need direct it to the right place, to the right movements, and with the right attitude in mind.  With movement we should play the long game.  We should be in this for the long haul.  There is no such thing as a quick fix.  Derek Miller a Fb friend and expert with the Kettlebell Derek’s Place  says “your future training should thank your past”  I think this is incredibly simple, but it is a concept that we would all to well to apply immediately to our training, if not our complete life in general.

So in closing let’s do our best when we are faced with a lift, a movement, a pattern that is confusing us…instead of doing what seemingly comes natural to us…  (get incredibly frustrated, curse ourselves, and mess up a few more times)…let’s take a step back, marvel at the amazing movers that we have already become, and use incredible amounts of patience in applying the new move, and see if, over time, that works out well for us.   I think we may surprise ourselves.   Thanks for the read everyone.  Talk to ya’ll soon.


best of Health Buffalo and Beyond!!!

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