1st Blog Post, 2 days in.  Perhaps behind a bit, perhaps right on track.

It is hard to make changes….lasting changes.  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, resolve to change yourself for the better, and set numerous lofty goals that are sure to come in the New Year.  It’s that time right?Of course, 8 weeks from now…it may be too common a feeling to look back on those goals/ resolutions (dare I use the word) and see that, of the ones you can remember, you fell just short of….perhaps some didn’t even get a chance out of the gate.  I think we have all been in that situation…champagne gets the better of you and as far as you are concerned you and your friends will have balanced the budget, ended terrorism and have world peace in the bag by March, Obama has nothing on you guys….then the ball drops, kissing happens…and the rest is a bit hazy until you wake up on the 1st thinking…What the Hell??
The next 8 weeks are also infamous in the fitness industry  (whenever I use the word infamous I am instantly 9 years old watching The Three Amigos…if you didn’t get that joke, I apologize…if you did, high five…)  At any rate…..if you have ever worked at, or spent any significant time as a member of a Globo Gym, then you know exactly where I am going.  For the next Two months (give or take) these massive institutions will be bombarded by New Year’s Resolutionites……all hitting it hard to make there fitness and health dreams of 2013 become a reality.  The sad truth is that over 80% of them will quit going by the end of 8 weeks…..So if you are reading this chances are you are a regular exerciser, or someone who desires to be.  Let’s pretend for a moment that you are someone  who desires that, maybe you have even joined a gym in the last 2 weeks, or have rededicated yourself to attending your Globo Gym on a regular basis.  Let’s see if we can figure out some ways you can find success at your gym….

1. Get to the gym –   It does you no good whatsoever to say  “I have a membership”   if you aren’t using it.   Let 2013 be the year of action for you…..take it.

2. Have a solid Plan-   whether you get it from a trainer, the internet, the buff guy wearing huge pants…lol   have something to work off of 

3.  Short Intense Full Body Workouts will give you the results you want-  the truth is you can get in great shape by squatting, deadlifting, Pulling up, and Pushing up 4-5 times a week, vary the weights and set structure and you would be on fire….but that’s not sexy and we all know that sex, and crazy machines, sell when it comes to fitness.

4.  If you must do cardio…..arrgghh…that’s a whole other post…….do it this way, 5 minutes to warm up into the movement, 20 minutes of balls to the walls, then 5 minutes to cool down….foam roll and go home..

5. Eat Better-    “but Rob I don’t know what I should eat.”    Here is a quick one to work on,,,,for now….don’t eat dumb shit.  (that’s a bit coarse right…stole that from my good Friend Josh Bunch HMFIC of Practice Crossfit, but I absolutely love it.)  What is Dumb $hit?    umm…Oreos, Ice Cream, Pop, Beer, French Fries, Nachos, Candy, Twinkies, HotDogs, Fast Food, Subway, Chicken Wings,  Pizza, Milk Shakes…..I know, I know, I get it, you are thinking to yourself, and then you have that thought creep into your mind… “That’s all the fun stuff”   when in truth it’s all the stuff that you are addicted to.   (S U G A R)   which leads me to the next part…. how bout no Grains…..no…too much at this point, ok…well if you just stay away from the other stuff, perhaps for now we can let the grains slide, but if you take a look here . http://wellnessmama.com/575/how-grains-are-killing-you-slowly/…..wow..I know that was a lot to take in…and I kinda threw it at you out of nowhere, but perhaps we will leave things there.  If you stick with lean meats, green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds, little to no starches, some fruit and no grains or sugar….you pretty much will be doing well….and make it whole real food.  Spend the extra buck to by local organic…you pay for it now….or you pay for it in medicine later….

6. Socialize before or after your workout-   plain and simple if you are socializing during your workout, you aren’t working out…there.. I said it..

7. Stay away from the Shake bar-  It’s convenient, it’s healthy, it’s………..full of Sugar…..( no doubt super fit friends of mine are going to say, hey man I need to replenish and there is that ideal 20 minute window that taking in….blah…blah blah…..and I will say….most people Globo Gyms have no business ordering the shakes that they order…for that matter the number of disguised Candy Bars that are at the front counter….

8. Keep Track of your Work….know how much, how many, how long…on all the workouts you do.  Otherwise no telling how much better you are getting.  

9.  Don’t weigh yourself for 90 Days

10. Last but not least…..find a Gym that cares about you.  It’s far easy to stay motivated, and maintain course toward your goals when you feel like you matter.   Create a community of like minded individuals who are striving for the same goals, surround yourself with them.  

Some places you may want to visit if you are in the area and not so excited about your Globo Gym…

Crossfitbuffalo.com      Dave Rice is the Owner and Head coach.   Quality programming, no nonsense approach to getting your body to do what it was meant to do.  Functional High Intesity Workouts, impossible not to get results if you train here.

http://www.crossfit716.net/716/  Crossfit 716,  just passed the Canal in North Tonawanda.  Owned by Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Lesniak.   They have an awesome place to train.  A community of friends that bust their butts to do their very best and make sure that everyone else is keep in pace, outstanding place to train.

Victordeantraining.com  Victor’s place is sensational.  He just moved to accommodate his growing clientele.  This is a private gym where you will be treated well and educated on how to best attain your personal fitness goals.

All three of these privately owned gyms represent some of the best, personalized, training you can get around Buffalo New York.  Check them out, say hi, tell them I told you to come in.   And if you have time in your schedule, you may want to visit my place as well.  Just like those places above, we at Crossfit Williamsville will not treat you like a number, or a monthly payment.  We are going to push you to become the best version of yourself that you can be..and then we are going to push you some more….

start the New Year off Training Hard for life…

move well and move often buffalo,

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