What is the Secret?

In a word….Consistency.

Bruce Jenner in his “pre” Kardashian days, when he was legitimately one of the fittest people on earth, was asked about how he stays so focused as a decathlete ( think 1980s)…and his answer was incredibly simple yet if applied properly could be the key to you reaching any goal in life you might have, be it physical, mental, or even monetary.  He said that whenever he was faced with a decision he simply chose the route that would get him closer to his goal, rather than the one that would take him further away.


Imagine that…take the route that will get you closer to where you want to be……can it be that simple..  I believe it can.

But perhaps, for those of us wanting to improve our health, what is missing from us certainly wasn’t missing from Bruce.  He knew his times, knew his training, knew without a shadow of a doubt specifically what he wanted.  So he took massive action and made it happen.

So perhaps before we can become consistent with our actions, so that we can drive ourselves toward our goal, we have to find out what that goal is.

Homework assignment:

1. Write down a specific goal.

1a. then write down a goal that has nothing to do with Weight…   example, wear this size dress, run a 5k,  do 5 consecutive pull-ups.

2. Write down everything you can remember, that you have done over the past week that has taken you further from reaching that goal.

3.  Write down that you are not going to do that stuff, any more.

4.  Write down 5 things you can do, today, tomorrow, and this whole coming week to get you closer to your goal in 1a.

5.  Post on here in the replies, or even on FB what you have written, and then you will have a built in accountability company..


Good luck…this is a take action and apply it post….

if you consistently stick to this simple plan that you have developed, I believe you will be quite happy with the results..


stay classy Buffalo and beyond…