How inconsequential posting a blog right now seems….yet artists will draw, singers will sing, and writers must write..

In truth I can’t begin to convey the irrational feeling of loss I have, I simply don’t have the words for it.  I didn’t know anyone in Connecticut, and likely I don’t know anyone who knew anyone…but nonetheless I feel the loss of those 20 little ones more than I anticipated I would.  My heart weeps.  I’m here in the box, half-heartedly trying to figure out a way to market Crossfit Williamsville, and hours away are people who, like me, started the day out as parents of a 5 year old, yet now are having to identify the remains of of their child.  Remains… cold and damning does that sound?  Perhaps this blog entry is more therapy for me than anything else.  I am an optimistic person.  I am a happy person, and for the most part I have always been a “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” person.  And  that hasn’t changed.  Now we will be fed a consistent mish mash of media about the horrific event, everything from finding out why it happened, how it happened, if there was a way we could have stopped it,,,Batman all over again..Is the why, who, what, where, and how, really what we need to be looking at right now.  Instead of looking for a why…because let’s be honest, the why does not matter.  Oh I know why all you think it matters, that way we can find a pattern and institute and number of steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, until it does happen again….I know that’s how our mind works….let’s look at this, let’s rationalize it some how, let’s talk about how it could have been prevented, let’s drag it out to support “our” gun control, or “our” right to carry concealed…….but if there is one thing I know….you can’t predict crazy.  So instead of the why, how about we look inward.  I learned quite a few years ago, whether it was something I caused or not, to look for the solution in myself.  I  believe it is that one belief that has guided me and helped me grow so much, at least over the last 6 years or so.  If we turn our minds, hearts, inwards, how can we (not a societal we, but each one of us as individuals) keep moving in a positive direction.  How can we continue to drive on and live morally just fulfilling lives.  I believe therein lies the salvation of our society.  Programs will not fix this.  Gun Control will not fix this.  Only our communities coming together as communities should, or communities forming where before there were none will help to end or suppress senseless tragedies like happened today.



One thought on “How inconsequential posting a blog right now seems….yet artists will draw, singers will sing, and writers must write..

  1. I agree very much with you…you can’t predict crazy, period. And I also agree with you…the problem is inward. And the solution is on an individual basis, most definitely. I’m guessing we know that we would disagree on the inward problem…sin…and its solution…One greater than ourselves Who alone can change the heart, transforming, from the inside out…

    …and in the meantime, yes, writing can be very good therapy.

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