There is a disconnect within me. I live inside, I sleep inside, I work inside…. but it is when I am “outside” In this crazy thing called nature that I feel most alive. It is humorous to me that we separate the two in our culture. There is here, our city, town, village, and then over there is the woods, nature. I can not speak for everyone but I know when I move, crawl, run, jump through the wilderness I feel incredible….I feel full of life….I feel bulletproof, until I trip and bust my knee, and then I pop up as fast as capable and I am off again. I will admit to having hibernated for much of the winter, and not getting out to satisfy my insatiable thirst for the outdoors, but I have been waiting for a day like today for literally months. I will take advantage of it. I will visit this strange world called “the woods” And as it has for the whole of my life it will welcome me with open arms and I will be saddened the moment I get in my car to head “home”

Please get outside time today….find a chance….steal a moment to let the sun recharge your body, mind and soul.

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