“Chuck Norris once broke a mirror over the head of a black cat while standing under a ladder on Friday the thirteenth. The next day he won the lottery.”

it must be March!!!


Historically March has been Chuck Norris Fact Month…and alas March 1st is upon us!!!!


Warm up


Skinny PVC Pipe-3 min

Up Dog Down Dog-3 min

Walking Samson Stretches-3min

Pigeon Pose, focus on hip flexor Stretch-2min


Squat Therapy- 8 min

Max Pushups- 2 min



Death by

-Air Squat/ Seal Jack


Every Minute on the Minute perform 1 repetition of each movement, adding an additional rep every consecutive minute.  The WOD is over when you cannot complete the total number of reps required in the 60 seconds.

For Example

:00-:59  –  1 rep of each

1:00-1:59-  2 reps of each

2:00-2:59- 3 reps of each….etc…  good luck.


Post Wod Play!!!  Handstand Holds, and Walks…   level appropriate…


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