WOD’s 3/22 and 3/23/2015


WOD   3/22/2015

12 Minute AMREP

3-Push Presses 3- Med ball Cleans/  6 PP- 3 MBC   /  9 PP and 3MBC/  12 PP- 6 MBC/  15 PP- 6 MBC /  18 PP-6 MBC/ 21 PP- 9 MBC….  etc until 12 min

Total number of Reps is your Score.

It was a great  little tribute to 15.4…..   nice movement on that Sunday!!!


WOD 3/23/2015
36 Ft FHC
36 Ft Reverse FHC
(Slow MOtion, slower the better, Cannot stress the importance of going slow on the crawls but not stopping) This WOD should take you 25 plus minutes
7 Strict Pullups


Wonderful form, and taking your time with Monday’s…..the purposeful movement was fantastic, and it was evident that everyone is working very hard to become super competent at Foot Hand Crawls…that is not an easy thing to do.