WOD 3/5/2015



“Chuck Norris went to school so He could be Studied”


Warm Up


Roll out-10 min/  Bird Dogs-3 min/ Walking Samson Stretches- 2 min


Active MovNat-   2×4   Tripod Extensions/ Reverses/ and Crawling- 8 min

-find your center/ be present in all of the movements, pay attention to how you are moving

3min Active Warm up

15- Jacks

10- Toe Touches (KB Swing Style, with focus on glute activation)




100 Double Unders

10 Hand Release Push Ups

15 Burpees

*300 singles if unable to do doubles but have a mature single

**if struggle to string 30 singles in a row, do 150 singles per round


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