WOD 3/2/2015




“Chuck Norris Can Break Water In Half”


Warm up

Roll- 10 min

Up Dog/ Down Dog-2 min

Bird Dogs-2 min

Lumbar Looseners- 2 min

Wrist and Forearm Prep-3min

Active Warm Up

-10 Single leg Deadlift Toe Touches (5 per leg)

-16 Mountain Climbers

3 times



4 Rounds



2 min- Farmer’s Carry

3 Pushups- 10 Sec down, and 10 Sec up

60 sec- L sit leg lifts from the bar  (can be scaled to knee raises)

-must have weight in hands for 2 min total.

-must be hanging from the rig for 60 sec total


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