WOD for 2/19/2015

Thursday 2/19/2015

13 min Amrap
5 push-presses
12 flutter kicks
5 barbell roll outs

key notes:
-purposeful movement on the flutter kicks (think pausing for a count of one at the top of each)
-do not press more than your form can handle!!
-watch for extension on your backs for the roll outs!!!


After a Day of Heavy Squats yesterday today’s WOD was a breath of Fresh Air.  Early morning classes fought through the cold and dark and kicked this WOD in the tail end.  JP was impressed with everyone’s movement at 930, and Coach Dan had a great time in the evening classes making sure that ya’ll worked hard in my absence.

With Luck by the close of business tomorrow we will have a brand new Furnace for the main floor, I will keep you updated!!!

Note for the week, on Sunday @1045 there will be a presentation (short) on the importance/ relevance of chiropractic care to the CFW athlete.  Given by DC John Wurstner !!! Please stop by and give up 30 minutes of your time for this presentation!!!







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