Motivation…seems fitting being that it’s January


I believe….have to believe….that the desire to do better, be better, live better,  and indeed move better exists somewhere inside (deep inside for some) of all of us.  My life’s work is founded on that very principle.  Finding  people that are hungry for a change, hungry to move as they did when they were children.  People that are tired of feeling tired, are angry at what they see they have let themselves become, are sick of getting sick, are not happy with the lack of passion in their marriages,  are done with droning around in commercial Gyms, sitting on machines and “zoning out” instead of stimulating their minds and bodies with proper, intense movement.  They are my people.  And in truth, I believe I can help every single one who walks through my door.

I should preempt this by saying,  it’s not easy to be well in our society.  You should see hear the sneers and see the looks I get from patrons and bartenders alike when I order a glass of ice water when I am out to drink with my buddies.  It’s as if I have committed some sort of heinous act that has directly insulted everyone around me who has a beer or drink in their hand….crazy.   You will get the same at dinners when you refuse to eat something because it will hurt you, the people who have cooked it for you might take it as an insult that you would rather not eat than put something in your body that hurts it.  Strange society we live in for sure.

Perhaps these reasons and others that are similar in nature are what make some of the commitments/ dreams/ goals/ resolutions that were set just over a week ago fall by the wayside so soon.  Perhaps.  So I asked myself,  Rob (often that is what I am referred to by me)… I said Rob old buddy, what can you put down in black and white, that will inspire people to get off of their couch, that will keep people away from their couch/ home after work for one more hour….what can be typed on here that will wake somebody up and have them pacing their living room waiting for the proper time to leave and come to their first class.  What in the world can it be?


If you do not want it, it does not matter what I write in this blog.  It does not matter how often you diet,  how many pounds you lose in the next 30 days.  If you are not willing to look at the biggest picture.  Take a step back and look at what you have done to get where you are, and what you truly know you must do to get where you want to be….if you can not look at that honestly then I can not help you.   You must realize that it is not about Paleo/ Crossfit/  Exercise/ Recovery/ Supplements/ weight loss/ abs/  etc……     It is simply about one thing


Here is the Rub…

You are 100% Responsible for the condition you are in right now.  It is your fault.  Accept that.  (no more whining)

Here is the cool part.  There is only one person, out of 7 billion, than can fix all of your problems, and again, it’s



How empowering is that!!!!!  It’s freaking awesome.  Only you have the power to change, you have the power to become what you most wish and hope, what you stare into the mirror and miss about yourself, you, only you can reclaim that!!

What can I do to help?

Well if you are ready.  If you want to be different.  If you want to move well, feel well, and attain the youthful movement that you celebrated when you where a child then here is all I can offer you.



Our Box and the Community within it will show you how awesome you can be.  We will show you how to move, how to work hard and smart, how learn, how to believe again….in yourself.  We will build Belief in your strength, in your power, in your body, in your happiness, in your goals, in your life!!!!

Come Visit…..

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