One Right Way

We are consumed with the notion that there is only “one right way” to do everything….and too often we feel like the way we are doing, have done, or were taught to do must be the only way for it to be done. So we condemn ourselves to the same course of action as our friends, families or life has taught us. We leave so much potential for change on the table in the name of the path of least resistance…… Diet, entertainment, how we raise our children, what we do on Friday nights, how often we imbibe alcohol….even how we love our spouses/ significant others. My wish is for us to open our minds a bit, and live life a little closer to how a child might. Not necessarily in a naive way, but certainly not in a “I already know everything way” If we can open our minds to change. If we can accept the notion, or even the mere possibility that the “one right way” that we have been doing it may not be the right way….then it opens us up to innumerable possibilities. I am a MovNat certified Level 2 Trainer and a CrossFit Level One Trainer….and I have met people that have drank from the respective ways of fitness and believe that their way is the “one right way” as far as physical exertion is concerned. I have met people who are staunch Vegans, (for a multitude of reasons,) and people who are nearly the antithesis of Vegan…..who both would tell you that the way they eat is correct…..Likewise I have met globo gym goers who believe that the 7 hours they spend weekly at said gym is completely necessary to maintain their physiques…..who is right? I am sure that with a build up like that you would expect me to offer an opinion….heck those of you that know I own a CrossFit Affiliate (CrossFit Williamsville) may expect that I would err on the side of the dogmatic crossfitters and proclaim that it is the be all and end all to fitness and indeed nutrititon (paleo anyone?)

I believe in CrossFit, when it is done correctly and safely, I would argue that when it is not done correctly or safely it is not CrossFit at all. I believe in MovNat. It is not only one of the most comprehensive fitness systems in the world but one that has consistently generated the most smiles from my clients when they are engaging in the Combos that are indicative MovNat.
But in the purest sense I believe in an exercise program that addresses deficiencies, improves on posture, balance, strength, mindset. A program that challenges your mind as much as your body, and a program that promotes healing within your mind and body…..
That is what I am constantly striving for. I want to educate my clients, as well as make them uncomfortable at the same time. I want to give them outlets for how to deal with external stressors and also how to deal with internal ones they create themselves. It is an audacious task and I am far from being at the end of my own education. But I truly believe if you look hard enough for something you will eventually find it.
If you can’t train here what can you do? Push yourself consistently, keep your cup empty, use common sense uncommonly. If it seems easy and not challenging then guess what it is not changing you. If you want to change your life guess what….you have to change your life…..good luck everyone…. happy hunting for that one right way…

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