How a Simple Movement Tracker Could Save your Mobility


Let’s see.  I was thinking lately….I know…  That is a terribly dangerous habit, and since I am always trying to think of better ways to serve my athletes, and better ways to get them to achieve the goals that their hearts desire, I realized that something was missing from their lives.  And the implementation and use of such thing would be so simple yet could lead to huge, enormous results…..  So in a recent Seminar I gave I decided to change the way I present fitness.


I have noticed in the past, one of the best adhered to diet plans, when offering suggestions to beginners, I have told them to simply record everything they eat in a simple notebook.  AT first I don’t even really offer up much advice about what they should be eating, I just tell them to write everything down.  Anything that goes in their mouths.  And then the magic happens, they start to police themselves through every consecutive day.  It’s simple and brilliant.  So I thought let’s try the same thing with movement…


That is where the movement tracker below comes in super handy.

It is divided up into 5 different types of Movement:

1.Training- A Training session should have a beginning, end,  be measurable, intense, or feel like you are working purposefully.    A Crossfit Class, 3 mile Run,  Power Yoga class would be examples of training.

2.Play- fun, long slow movement, pleasure based movement.  Hiking, jogging, playing on a play ground with your children…etc

  1. Practice- things done to make us better at Training.  So for instance if you stayed after a Crossfit Class and Spent 5-7 minutes working on your Pull up, or your Clean and Jerk, these would be examples of Practice.
  2. Greasing the Groove- This is a great link to an article about Pavel Tsatsouline who created the term. You can use this method to improve daily on exercises
  3. Recovery- Actions taken with the expressed intention of recovering from movement

Your goal over the course of the 2 weeks that are listed in the table would be to put as many X’s in the boxes as possible.  Shoot for 10-12 for each block.  If you maintain consistency with your movement, and find time to fill those boxes up I can assure you than in a month or two of trying this you will experience wonderful improvement in your movements. …just by learning to hold yourself accountable.


Thanks for reading everyone.


Simple little movement exercise:


What is measured is focused on, what is focused on is improved…


Click on the Task PDF below for a Copy of The Tracker!!   And Good Luck everyone!!!

Task  PDF