Dare to Be….

I believe people want to be happy. With all my heart I dare say I know this to be a fact. Often times there are innumerable challenges that stand in their way. But it is my belief at the core of every person is the need for happiness. His holiness and I agree, among many other things, on this. People do a lot of different things that “make them happy”. Eating, drinking, laughing, loving, watching sporting events, going to concerts, having coffee, spending time with family, playing video games, exercising…etc. The list is literally endless. So many things we have, that make us happy….

According the current doctrine supported by the media and our government we have Healthy Grains, and other mass produced food that is “natural” part of a well balanced breakfast, low-fat….etc…no matter the tag line these items are sold to us as being healthy, in truth the idea of eating well, along these guidelines is made out to be a relatively simple premise….simple? By the way the government/ big pharm/and monsanto put it…it is easy for us to eat right.

Fitness industry, fitness gurus have come up with the fastest most effective fat burning get in shape ways/ dvds/ exercise programs/ equipment,,,,etc… and we have it at the tip of our fingertips….Hell by all accounts we should be the fittest country on earth, and it will only take us 12 minutes a day three times a week.

Based on the number of things to do, ways to eat, places to exercise…by sheer amount of available “great things” that we have in the US one might be persuaded to believe that we are the fittest, most well fed and happiest nation in the world. Right? I mean look at all that we have, how can we not be?
Yet something does not add up…

…when people meet me for the first time they often remark about my energy, confidence, passion, happiness, and level of fitness that I have achieved…..and one would think that everyone in our beautiful home of the brave would be the same right?

But we know that isn’t true. We know that most of us are over weight,,,,that millions of us are on antidepressants, 30 million or so, and that collectively our idea of a normal evening bonding with our family is sitting on the couch eating ice cream while watching AFV.

“Wait a minute this guy is against ice cream and AFV I am definitely not reading anymore of this rambling incoherent babble”

I should make myself clear…the only thing that I am against is chronically engaging in acts that harm me. Whether it is eating poorly, thinking poorly..or living poorly…. So I watch the way the crowd moves and choose my path, which happens to be opposite of them.

i dare to be different……

It is not easy, but it is very calculated. Why do I eat the way I eat? Because I like how I feel and how my body feels and runs when it is properly fueled. I like it way more than the other way around.

Why do I exercise? Because I like the way my body feels when it moves properly.


So my challenge….if you are reading me and are doing so because you are struggling with feeling terrible, and likely need to feel and look better then I challenge you to do this. Take 15 minutes right now and put pen to paper. WRITE DOWN EVERY THING YOU NEED TO HAPPEN TO YOU FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY. JUST WRITE IT DOWN. Make a list of everything you want. The universe is a bit like waiter…what ever your heart orders up, it will bring you…..

After you have made your list of wants/needs, take a minute to read over it, and start internalizing them….and instead of looking at them like wants, or thinking why can’t if have these things start a more proactive line of thought….ask your subconscious “How can I have these”

You may surprised at how far your mind will take something when you replace a Why Can’t with a How Can I…..

good luck everyone..please put pen to paper….give it a try…
talk to you soon