Reflections and Looking to the Future…..

2013 is all but gone.  2014 is knocking at the door and demanding to come in.  I am welcoming it with open arms.  In 2013 I saw a dream I once had become a reality…I found a version of me that I never knew existed…I welcomed to this world a son… I loved my family deeper than I ever have… I had uncomfortable moments that forced me to grow, almost daily…I discovered compassion where I thought it might not exist… I saw the lives of hundreds change for the positive…I saw a strong community form and begin to thrive… I caught a glimpse of what “my” version of wellness is…. I saw what was, in the beginning, a theory of mine, begin to be proved, over and over again….I learned that what I do truly does matter, and perhaps more importantly the more I help people understand that what they do truly matters the more I will matter.  (that might have been confusing.. a bit)…I learned that the path to success is ever changing, but by gosh it is getting pretty damned close…I realized that it has nothing to do with being perfect, but everything to do with the pursuit of perfection…

What am I looking forward to in 2014???   I am looking forward to becoming a stronger more principle centered father and husband…I can’t wait to outgrow my location and be forced to add new classes at the box….and look to move to a larger location….I will see some of my members become certified and start to spread our version of Crossfit/MovNat, so much so that it will begin to permeate all of Buffalo…and start leaking out….I can’t wait for the guidance and inspiration that will come from the Steve Maxwell seminar in April….I am looking forward to the lives that will be changed by not just me, but by all the members of the Box…we have done so much this year and the honest part of it all is that it will only be amplified in 2014…..I am looking forward to changing 10,000 people’s lives…..looking forward to doing a Burpee Mile…looking forward to back to back bar muscle ups…looking forward to feeling the best  I have ever felt in my entire life….I am going to be honest….I cannot wait until this post next year…….I am looking forward to realizing, 51 weeks from now….that all of this is just the tip of the ICEBERG!!!

Thank you all so much…

Good luck to you all……chase your dreams, live well, move well, and fuel well….have a wonderful New Year’s Eve….and prepare yourself for an Epic 2014!!!!

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