So you CrossFit???

I have owned a box now for nearly 4 months. And yes. Yes I do Crossfit. I work extremely hard on training my body across an extremely broad range of modal domains. I incorporate flexibility, balance, strength, speed, power, intellect, and even emotion into nearly all of my workouts. I train safely, I train competently, and I train to push myself beyond the limits of what I thought was possible. But perhaps most importantly I train so that I might better relate to all of the amazing athletes that come seeking something better. I train so that when I am telling them how to engage their posterior chain so they can achieve their best deadlift I want them to know I know what I am talking about..not just because I read about, or watched a video about it earlier that day. I also train, perhaps mostly, because when I am 79 I will be moving and exercising every single day, and I know the steps I take to move my body as much as possible through its natural range of motion the “easier” the rest of my life will be. But that is enough about me.

I recently had the pleasure of Coaching two outstanding young ladies who had told me, rather excitedly, that they had indeed “Crossfitted” before. (at a local big box gym that has managed to actually become a Crossfit Affiliate, scary I know..terrifying even)

6 minutes into a fairly intense WOD, they both breathlessly remarked how they had never worked out “this” hard. And I was forced to remark “that is because this is the first time you have ever really Crossfitted.”

Here is the difference. The Globo Gym will never be as good at “Crossfit” as I am.

Wow..what a statement, how can I be so sure, you may ask.

Simple…no matter how knowledgeable, no matter how nice their equipment, no matter how fit the trainer is that was running that class…..they can not teach better than me. Period.

Why is that?

Because they have no skin in the game. Those trainers are getting paid an hourly rate to “teach” a class. Whether five people come or fifteen, it is likely that after they teach a class they are going to go on about doing whatever else they do on a daily basis. School, another job, they are going to move on to their “life”

Guess what my “life” is?
Helping my members achieve their goals. Whatever they may be. When I teach, motivate, educate them, all I am thinking is how can I best help this person get to where they need to be? How can I make sure that I leave them better today than when they came in? Where am I taking them? Thoughts like that permeate my every being. That is how I know….and that is why I am grateful to have been given this chance to help so many people.

Thanks so much Buffalo

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