How lucky am I?  Just over 2 years ago I started a blog called   and on that blog I wrote that my mission was to change the face of Buffalo NY.  Change it by one person at a time if necessary.  Change it by infusing the population with a health minded look at their lives.  It has been quite the mission, and quite honestly quite the ride…..I look back then and had no idea how fortunate I would be.  Now I find myself the fourth Crossfit affiliate owner in Buffalo, and one of only 2 certified MovNat Trainers in New York State.  It is an honor.  I find myself surrounded by those that inspire me to work harder, to learn  more, and those that challenge me to be better at what I coach, better at how I program, better at how I communicate…..I find those that test my patience, and test my resolve…I am so thankful for everyone…..perhaps most importantly I find myself in the perfect position to help hundreds of people in my community……I can not wait to see what this year will bring…I can’t wait to see the people that I will help change……the goals I will see crushed….and the minds that I will be lucky enough to open up to the ways that they can lead healthier more fulfilling and ultimately happier lives.   I am so lucky, so thankful, and so happy to have been given this chance to help with what I see is an incredible challenge that our society faces…..thank you all….lets take this year for all it is worth and have one hell of a celebration on December 31st……

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