Introductory Class

The Introductory Class is held every Saturday at 10am. It is a superb way to see how we blend Crossfit and Movnat methodologies into a comprehensive fitness plan that is suitable for all skill levels. Rob will introduce his philosophies, cover how everything works at the box, and even address nutrition advice. It is a must attend for veteran Crossfitters and even those who are coming right off the couch!!!    TEMPORARY UPDATE!!!  INTRO CLASS WILL NOT BE HELD AGAIN UNTIL THE WEEK AFTER THANKSGIVING.  FOR FIRST TIMERS TO CROSSFIT WILLIAMSVILLE CONTACT US DIRECTLY VIA TEXT OR PHONE AT 716.560.7438    YOU CAN ALSO HOP ON FACEBOOK AND DROP A MESSAGE, BE SURE TO LIKE OUR PAGE.  CROSSFITWILLIAMSVILLE.COM WILL BE UP AND FUNCTIONAL SOON.   SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION.  THANKS EVERYONE



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